Queen Victoria

 QueenVictoria for children & Husben

QueenVictoria for children & Husben

The British came to Sri Lanka during the reign of Queen Victoria. As a result, our country is also influenced by Victoria values. During the Victorian period, this takes its name from Queen Victoria, fiction, poetry, drama, music and other forms of Literature flourished in England. The influence of Victorian values was left in our country too.
Alexandra Victoria, born on 24th of May 1818, became the Queen of England in 1832, and ruled the country till her death. She died on the 22nd of January 1909.
In 1840, she married her distant cousin Albert. He was a German prince. His ideas about queenly dignity changed Victoria’s carefree outlook. As a result, the Victorian period is known for stern morality.
Before she came to the throne, the British rulers were not popular and had lost the respect of their subjects. Victoria had a strong sense of duty and her personal conduct was above reproach. She won back the respect and devotion of her subjects.
During her reign from 1837 – 1901 Britain reached the heights of its power and prosperity. The British Empire extended around the globe. Clocks around the world were set by Greenwich Mean Time. (GMT)
The Victorian period was the great age of the English novel. Thackeray and Dickens are two figures who tower over the Victorian novel. Alfred Lord Tennyson, who was made England’s poet laureate in 1850, has been called the voice of Victorian England.


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