Satellite Communication

Have you look at the sky on a cloudless clear night? What do you see there high up in the sky? There millions of start hiding the secrets of the universe. Among them, if you look at the sky very carefully for some time,you can see blinking stars moving from north to south or south to north and you will understand that their movement is very fast. What are they? Why are they moving so fast? They are man made stars; they are called artificial satellites. An artificial satellite is a spacecraft. It orbits the Earth at a fixed distance.

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About muthuhetti1

I am M.G.Pathum Jeewantha. I live in Habarakada, West Tawalama. We come to Aruna Sir’s Classes at pcschool computer school. My Target is to pass the 2016 O/L exam. I have one sister and no brothers. My Mother’s Name is Mrs.S.A.Ranasingha. She is very kind. My father is Mr.M.G.Nanda. I love My parents. I like to learn IT. My favorite Subject is ICT. My School is Very beautiful. My favorite food is Meat and rice. My birth day is 2001.01.25 I like to play cricket. I want to be a doctor.
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